Python for Pentesters course


Course link:


This course is not about Python syntax, instead focus is on Python modules.

Covered topcis:

  • Threading, Queues
  • Sockets, Client - Server
  • Scapy
  • BeautifulSoup, Mechanize
  • Immunity debugger integration
  • Hooks
  • PE parsing module
  • Paramiko


Videos are a little bit old and compared to Offensive Security videos they are less polished. All examples are in Pyhon2 :)

That being said, examples and topics cover a wide range of Python modules, and are easily converted into Python3.


Yes, i would recommend this course. If you don’t care about exam, take only course, then it’s even cheaper.


You will get challenges and have to solve them in 6 hour window. In my case it was 4 challenges and had to solve 2. I actually solved 3 and had time left for the last one. Some have had 5 challenges and 3 solutions to pass, so it seems to vary a bit.

Challenges are quite practical, for example scraping a web page, using Scapy to send / receive TCP packets etc. I wrote all solutions in Python3, they had no problems with it.